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Connect to your higher self and attain the answers you have been seeking.

QHHT Sessions with Maggie

The process

  1. Book your session
  2. Book your pre-session
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Prepare your 20-30 questions and have them emailed prior to your pre-session
  5. Make a payment
    Canadian residents can pay with Canadian funds. Everyone else can pay with US funds.
  6. Sign the terms and agreement contract, scan it and email it to me, or bring it with you during your in-person session

Things to keep in mind for an on-line the session

  1. Your session will be recorded so please turn off any background noise such as fans, humidifiers and anything else that will lower the quality of your recording
  2. It is highly recommended to wear a good quality headset for the session because sometimes the practitioner has a difficult time hearing what is said, especially when done on line.   If the practitioner can’t hear what you are saying, then there is no way that they can dig down deeper to get the answers that you seek.

The goal of the session is to:

  1. Visit 2-3 past lives.
  2. Meet your higher self and have a conversation about your questions and the past lives you have been shown.
  3. Align your chakra, if higher self allows it.
  4. Remove attachments, if higher self allows it.
  5. Additional healing if higher self says it’s OK to do so.

Other Info:

  1. Sessions are usually approximately 2 hours, give or take 1/2 hr
  2. Pre-session must occur prior to the session.  If you have scheduled your session but not a pre-session, your session will not take place and your money will be refunded. 
  3. Payment is required prior to the session.  
  4. All sessions are recorded via ZOOM. The file will be sent to you after the session
  5. Sessions are private between the practitioner and the client.  Please don’t invite anyone into your space during the session.
  6. Sessions are scheduled for around 11am EDT.