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Quantum hypnosis, past life regression session
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 by Genesis

I was nervous about the session at first & had fears of not being able to be hypnotized but Maggie‘s energy was so calming and reassuring and you can tell that she really has a passion for this. She made me feel very comfortable and I was able to let my guard down during the session. My session intern was really cool, I learned a lot about my higher self and about myself and know now how much more we are. There were a lot of cool insights I got and she is great at asking the right follow-up questions.
If anybody is looking for some clarity in their lives and are open, I recommend having a session, it will give you a lot to reflect on and think about afterwards. I was at a crossroads in my life but now I feel much more confident about the direction I wanna go after this.

Thank you Maggie for this session I am so very grateful of you ✨💕💝

Much love,

 by Nathaniel Hebert

I wasn't sure what to expect from hypnosis, but Maggie was patient and helped to guide me under. Amazingly, it feels more like "automatic talking" with me observing from the backseat as my voice provided answers.

I never felt like I was reaching beyond myself. It was as though the answers were always on the edge of my periphery, and the process of Quantum Healing acted as an amplifier, like a phonograph resting in a groove.

Overall, I learned a great deal, and recommend a QHHT session to anyone who's sitting on the fence; treat yourself!

 by Ugne

Maggie has got a very calming influence during the session, so rest assured you'll be in safe hands:) It was my first hypnotherapy experience, during which I discovered interesting connections to blue beings. Its been more than a week after the session and I can say i feel stronger in my heart and more resilient in my daily life. Thank you Maggie for the work you do.

 by Tish

I was lucky to be able to receive a session with Maggie. It was my first session and I was unsure what to expect.

It was an absolutely amazing experience! The love and lessons learned helped clear a lot of past pain.

I am truly grateful ... Thank You Maggie

It was a beautiful experience for me as well. Thank you <3

 by Scott Deans

Whenever I schedule a hypnosis session, I get nervous and wonder if I'll be relaxed enough to receive information or whether any channeling will come through. Maggie did a wonderful job of bringing me to a very relaxed state, and information came in immediately.

Not only did I get to see parts of an important past life, but during the regression another aspect of my soul came through very strongly and "took over". It was as if he had been waiting years to finally introduce himself and make a connection at the spirit level.

Through Maggie's guidance, I was able to channel a ton of detailed information, some of it profound and deeply inspiring. I left that session with a new connection to another aspect of myself, one that will be with me for the rest of my life.

What a joy it was to work with Maggie. I will definitely be working with her again in the future!

 by Monica

I had this past Friday an amazing QHHT with Maggie Kozlowski. I love it, it gave me so much confirmation what I already knew about my past lives. I am sad that we got interrupted when we were talking to my HS, but I did got a little of that. My life make so much sense in the life I have now. In the first one I was Dona Juana de Castilla and Aragon (Juana la Loca) That always I had compassion for that woman. The second one I was a men an artists that was creating the sculptures with the Mayas, that make so much sense my actual life in this time line, as an artists. The third one I was a priests of Isis in Egypt. I want to explore more in to this. I do having memories coming back to me. I really recommend her professionalism and patience. She is awesome.

 by Dawn

A bit about my session with Maggie...

We visited four of my past lives, three of which were full of useful information and one seemed to be just to allow me to see it, although I wait now to see when some tidbit of information from it will become relevant. I was able to identify connections that have remained with certain people through multiple lifetimes, including why I recognized my first son so fully when he was born. Amazing!

A common thread was a lesson of a sense of being/feeling deserving, which is something I struggle with all the time, so I found that to be very telling and it resonates a lot.

My parents were there briefly with messages and I had a small visit with someone else who has passed who I needed some information from. We spoke with my “higher self” who was full of information and said some things that shocked me about a situation I’ve been trying to come to terms with for a long time.

Overall it was an intense and emotional experience and I’m grateful to Maggie for providing it. I would recommend it to anyone and would do it again.

 by Wanda

Thank you to Maggie Kozlowski for the great regression session yesterday. Maggie has a good calming and soothing voice and I was able to relax easily. I have a lot of meditation and shamanic experience so was able to stay relaxed. We explored a few of my past lives and a general theme that came up was my frustration about others not able to see things I saw such as spirits and my confusion about how much to say in fear of judgement and being laughed at. This so relates to my current life as I feel I need to be so careful with what I say to who with regard to my spiritual beliefs and abilities. Maggie was able to ask good questions to explore things further. We also asked my higher self about current chronic pain issues and other questions I had. I appreciated being able to have the session with Maggie and really recommend it. Would happily do it again.

 by Kandace

Maggie is a pro as far as her technique. I found out things that just blew me away. I felt very relaxed and it was very comforting facing the unknown. This was very life changing for me. I will definitely be going back for more sessions with her.

 by Whitney B

I just had an incredible QHHT session with Maggie. She is a very sweet and thoughtful individual. Her manner is calm and reassuring. I was able to receive validation about some pretty important issues. I left the session feeling absolutely refreshed and invigorated. I would recommend Maggie to anyone, and will come to her for any future QHHT sessions!

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