Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the session and how much does it cost?
Session usually last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. I am Level 1 which means I have helped 30 clients. Please contact me for cost of a session. Out of town sessions may cost more and a deposit may be required at booking. Thank you ahead of time for understanding.

How many sessions will I need?
People usually attend one session however follow-up sessions can be scheduled.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me to the session?
It is best that you are alone with me. I don’t allow anyone to stay during the session. They can drop you off and then pick you up after the session.

I’m traveling from out of town. How far are you from the airport and where can I stay?
London Ontario has an international airport which is under 15 mins from Thamesford. There are plenty of well-priced hotels in London.

Is Hypnosis Safe?
Completely. Hypnosis is an induced trance-like state that’s intended to provide an intensive awareness of the present moment; indeed, its clinical application bears no resemblance to the “You are getting sleepy” parlor tricks depicted in horror movies and on TV. Hypnosis is a technique where YOU are always conscious and in control. “Contrary to how hypnosis is sometimes portrayed, you don’t lose control over your behavior while under hypnosis,” experts at the Mayo Clinic write. “You generally remain aware of and remember what happens under hypnosis.” A Hypnosis session is more like a vivid daydream. Most people are not aware that they actually go into a self-hypnotic state throughout the day – every day. The trance-like feelings you experience while working on your computer, driving, reading a book, watching TV or a movie or daydreaming are all states of trance characterized by focused attention. You’ll be able to hear everything around you but the sounds will not bother you, they just become part of the background. Each person’s experience is unique but they leave feeling very relaxed and feeling great afterwards.

What is the Higher Self?
Subconscious, Over-soul or Higher Self can all be used interchangeably. Your Over-soul is connected to your soul in your body. The Higher Self remains in the spirit realms, connected to the divine source and acts as a link between God and your evolving soul. In any spiritual interaction, you first unite with your Higher Self. Then in that higher nature, you unite with your divine source – God. It is an immense resource of wisdom, intelligent insight and knowing that can bring real meaning, fulfillment and purpose to your life. Your Higher Self can answer any and every question you have. It knows everything there is to know about you and the life you are living now. The Higher Self will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to you.

Will I remember anything?
You will be NOT be asleep. You will be conscious. Most people DO remember all or most of their session but it’s like when you wake up from a dream and remember it vividly but then it fades away. For some, it may feel like you were asleep and are unaware of what was said but your Higher Self will still be having a conversation with you. A digital voice recording will be made of your session for your use. Listening to your session often and gaining the wisdom and insights from it is just as important, if not more so, as experiencing it.

Will I lose control of what I say or do during a session?
No, your Higher Self will never allow you to act against your best interests or values. Although you will be in such a relaxed state that it may cloud your memory and conscious interaction at times. You will never say or do anything that will leave you exposed or vulnerable. So, in this sense, you are totally in control. If your conscious mind is concerned, at worst you would not be able to go into the relaxed altered state to begin with or may interrupt the session. It’s important to note here that you will also have the opportunity during the interview process to get to know me and address any concerns. A high level of trust and respect is a vital part of the hypnosis process.

Will it make a difference if I don’t believe in past lives or reincarnation?
No. When it comes to what is defined as a ‘past life’, it doesn’t matter if it is our imagination creating a subconscious story or as an ‘actual’ event, an analogy or as a metaphor. What is important is that it helps you in a way that is insightful. Whatever questions you may have, your Higher Self is the source of all answers and will help you in ways that will surprise you.

What is the best way to prepare for my session?
Drink lots of water, eat live foods and spend time in nature. The more meditation and grounding you do before a session, the better. Also, approach it with an open mind and the curiosity of a child, with zero expectations. Like anything, as soon as you release yourself from any expectations from a pending experience, it has the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you as it unfolds. Keep in mind that your Higher Self knows you better than you know yourself and will only give you as much as you can handle. Check out Session Prep at