How to prepare for a QHHT session:

  • To become more familiar with QHHT, watch videos on YouTube by Delores Cannon and Alba Weinman.
  • Practice visualizing and daydreaming
    • EX: Close your eyes and picture the front of your house, time from your past, a loved one;
  • Prepare up to 30 questions for your Higher-Self to answer
    • EX: Relationships, Career, Spiritual Development, Health-related.
  • Set your intention to a great session and a great day!
  •  Try to meditate by emptying out the mind of all thoughts
  • Take the time to daydream
  • Try not to have any coffee/caffeine, the day of the session and the day prior.
  • Stay in a relaxed and cheerful state of mind
  • Try to do something active before the session so that body is more relaxed during the session
  • Don’t forget to bring your lists
  • Refrain from drugs and/or alcohol. These substances may act as a barrier to the connection.  Please do not take any medications to relax you on the day of the session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing since you will be laying down for up to 2 hours.
  • Bring a snack and a bottle of water for after the session.
  • Don’t worry, enjoy and have fun.

During the session

  • Don’t have any expectations because the Sub-conscious always directs the session for what’s best for you.
  • The practitioner never directs you because your Sub-conscious is in charge of the session taking you exactly where you need to go for find the answers to your questions
  • When your asked a question always answer with the very first thought that comes to mind;
    11. Talk, Talk and Talk because the more info the practitioner can get the better and creating next questions will be for you
  • If you are asked to see or feel something, try to see and feel with as much detail as you can imagine

Prepare your list of questions

Please bring a list of questions, neatly written or typed that you would like to ask your  Higher Self.              

Potential Question Categories

  • Physical and emotional healing EX: Migraines, sore joints, digestive problems etc …
  • Mission or purpose EX: What is my purpose in life ? What am I supposed to be doing?
  • Fear/ Phobias/ Anxiety EX: Fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces etc …
  • Problem or Situation in life
  • Agreements/Contracts with people in  your Present Life
  • Spiritual path