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Hello. Thanks for booking a free on line beta QHHT session with me. You probably understand that the qhht technique I use was discovered by Delores Cannon. Her technique takes you to the THETA state of consciousness, the doorway to your higher self and all that is known about your souls journey and purpose.

A little bit about me. I live in London, ON Canada with my 10 year old daughter. I learned about QHHT through Alba Weinman during my awakening in 2017. Perhaps you ran into her on youtube ? I realized the magnetitude of this tool following the first regression I saw performed by Alba that I decided to also take the training.

As of Sept 5, I have performed 12 in person qhht regression sessions. I have 13 more free sessions to do before I become a level 1 certified QHHT practitioner. Thank you for helping me reach my goal.

I also would like to thank you for helping me figure out this on line process that will hopefully run smoothly and flawlessly so that I can continue to learn and expand on the qhht technicque that Delores began. What a gift she has given to humaity.

I feel that in preparing for our first session, it would be wise for the three of us, myself, you and your shadow person, to meet via Skype, so that we can begin preparing for our upcoming session.

I have designed a form that will offer the info I need in order to feel confident that someone will be there to troubleshoot any techica difficulties we might encounter.

Session Approval Form

Because this form is still being tested, it would be appreciated if you reported any difficulties you experienced. Always striving to make an on line process be as user friendly as possible.

Please have your 20-30 questions prepared before our pre-session.

During our pre-session, I wonder if we could discuss the the technology you have available to connect and also to record., What sort of technical equipment are you working with from your end ? A laptop ? Do you have any cameras or recording devices ? A headset ? I will be recording my desktop but I want to make sure you have the best experience with clear video and especially audio. It’s also a good idea, if you could record the session from your end, either via video camera or voice recorder. Please let me know which of these devices you have.

Please come sober. Drugs and alcohol may prevent the higher consciousness from coming through.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂


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