Some things to consider on the day of your session

Distraction Free Space

One of the most important things about doing a remote or in person sessions, is that our space is as free of distractions as possible.  Things like animals in the room, lighting, family living life in another part of the house, construction and other noisy distractions can mean a failed session. 

It is very important that the day of your session you can be in a space by yourself, free of distractions. The focus here is to go deep within the self to attain the answers to help you better in this life, but complete focus is required. 

Head Set

In addition it would be very beneficial to bring a headset to the session with you. The set should cover both ears and should have a microphone at the mouth.  The session will be recorded and it’s important that your voice be heard during our session.

Refrain from caffeine and be well rested

Please be fully rested for the session.  It would be a good idea to refrain from caffeine on the day of the session, so things like tea and coffee should be put on hold until after the session.  You want to be relaxed, but not tired.


It is always a wonderful idea to meditate with the intention of a successful session. This can also be called praying or day dreaming. Do it with love and an open heart.  If you can spend some time meditating on the morning of your session, this will only enhance your connection to spirit and the answers you seek.