How are y’all handling these energies ? This is the perfect time to focus on your healing as the Earth continues to be blasted with energies that are having a very visible effect on our planet and our consciousness as a whole. During these times we are reminded to be stand strong in our light and to shine our light in every single direction. The brighter you shine, the more blissful you will feel and the more you help the planet to ascend.

If you are still holding on to things that don’t serve you, fears, relationships, unhealthy thought patterns, attachments, sorrow, unhappiness, greed and materialism, sadness, disappointment … I ask you this. Are these things serving you ? If the answer is NO, then ask your self if you are ready to go within so that you can begin to release and heal.

And as you heal, notice the directions in which your life is shifting. Do you wake up with joy and gratitude in your heart every morning ? Do you set intentions from your heart ? Do you see the abundance in your reality expanding as you allow your thoughts to manifest the reality you want to live in ?

As you begin to let go of that which no longer serves you, take notice of how much lighter you feel. Feel your curiosity growing, your consciousness expanding, as you go within to gain the knowledge you seek. Where will your journey take you next ? Perhaps to an energy session ? Or a QHHT/Quantum Healing session ? Maybe psychic or medium? Tarot card reading perhaps ? Meditations?

There are many healing modalities coming back to us from ancient forgotten knowledge. If we open up to the universe and welcome the new knowledge and the new way of healing, we may find our whole reality shifting into health, abundance, joy, and gratitude.

Which modality is the right one for you ?

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