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This regression took place Feb 20, 2020 and was posted on Jeff Broomsfields YouTube chanel.

This QHHT session fascilitated by Jeff Broomfield in London, ON was a very strong reminder for starseeds to stand strong in your light, shine your light onto others.  Share your gifts of healing with others by following the law of attraction.  Keep fear away. Welcome joy and gratitude into your heart.  Teach others the same.  Be the change that brings in the new Earth.  You guys are doing awesome.  The guys up there are super proud of ALL of you for the work you are doing.  Keep up the great work.  A little bit more to go …

Jan 22, 2019: Nathaniel’s quantum regression allowed his consciousness to dive deeper into past experiences of alien abductions where a more clear understanding is given of the implants they installed behind his ear. These experiences lead the conversation into Earth’s changes and how humanity is being affected. 

Part 1 of 3


Jan 23, 2019: Nathaniel’s channel continues to discuss Earth’s changes and the ascension, guardians, wanderers and the help we are receiving from our ET friends.

Part 2 of 3


Feb 3, 2019: Nathaniel learns of his connection to mantis like beings, Earth changes.
“Set the intention, reach out, look at the stars. Remember that fear is fake. “

Part 3 of 3


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